About Us

ReachOutLife was started in the year 2003 by like-minded group of Doctors, Psychologist and Psychotherapist who have vast experience in identifying problems, creating possibilities and solving them, so that one can live life with happiness and positive change.

ReachOutLife professionals believe in holistic efforts to bridge gaps in the ‘Happiness Quotient’ of unhappy people and society as a whole. ReachOutLife aims to break the taboo in the society that visiting and sharing with the therapist for Psychological help and counseling is a taboo. It’s just like visiting any other doctor to find cure of your problem. It is important for the people to understand that what counseling and psychotherapy is about and what they should expect from the entire process of therapy. Creating awareness in the society is our major aim at ReachOutLife.

We at ReachOutLife emphasize that you should not be hesitant or should not hold yourself from approaching or taking help of Counselor or Psychotherapist, especially to those who are considering therapy as an option for themselves or someone else, or for clients who are already involved in therapy. It’s not just you, there is a stage in everyone’s life where a person experiences difficulties, pain, discomfort and distress. Don’t feel isolated or get lost amidst the family and friends, and what they will say or talk about. It’s your life and you need to make the right decision and take the right step in seeking professional help. ReachOutLife is one destination where professionals will create possibilities and changes.

Many other reasons where people approach therapist are distressed married life, stress and trauma of losing someone suddenly, sudden unwanted change in behavior, which is creating problems, depression and breakdown, fear and anxiety of unknown things bothering one’s mental stage and so many other issues. ReachOutLife always look forward to be that someone who can handhold during your troubled time and understand your feelings, tensions, anxiety, emotions, depressions, relationship problems in pre-teens and teenage, conduct disorders, career counseling, parental counseling, adjustment problems, personality disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, sleep disorders and unwanted change in behaviour.

ReachOutLife professional uses different techniques and tools to engage and understand what has triggered the effect. Evaluating the cause and source of problem and understanding the surroundings and circumstances around it, helps them to use the right techniques to engage, suggest and bring positive change. Therapist session could be either one to one meeting with client or it could be over a phone. Talking about these things may take many sessions and many not all end in one session. You may check with your therapist that how many sessions you may require. ReachOutLife therapists will do their best to help you look at your issues, and to identify right actions, either to help you find ways of coping or resolving your difficulties.

What we do?

We at ReachOutLife offer you confidentiality and privacy to talk and share about anything that is bothering you, and or is giving you discomfort. It allows you to talk to someone who is trained to listen attentively and help you to improve things. Therapy is a very personal process. It enables you to identify, address and help you make feel better to overcome your difficulties. Psychotherapy is generally a long-term process and it may require many one to one sessions or it can be possible over a phone too, depending upon what your therapist suggests. You may check with your therapist that how many sessions you may require, ReachOutLife therapist will do their best to help you to look at your issues, and to identify right actions, either to help you find ways of coping or resolving your difficulties.

Psychotherapy at times works best in the combination of Psychiatric medicine prescribed by a medical a Practitioner. You can approach Psychotherapist for many varied issue and reasons. Some of the major problems/issue you can approach ReachOutLife for are:

  • Family and marriage relationships related issues/problems
  • Child behavior related counseling
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Student counseling
  • Behavior related counseling
  • Distress and break-down related counseling
  • Grief Counseling
  • Stress and trauma related counseling
  • Psychological disorders related counseling
  • Irrational behaviors related counseling and many other issues/problems bothering you.
  • Any kind of mental disorders.

Why we do this?

We do this to help people who have tried many things in the past to come out of their current situation on their own or with the help of friends and family members, but could not. ReachOutLife provides professional guidance, support and a right way to approach problems, and help you in attaining positive solutions. We do this professional work to educate and help solve problems and create awareness to break myths that are enlisted below:

  1. I am aware of my problems and know what needs to be done. I just need to do it.
  2. How can I share my problems with a stranger? What will people and society say?
  3. If people, see me approaching or going to therapist they will make perception that I am mentally sick.
  4. I have a firm belief that God will solve my problems.
  5. My friends can give me the right advice. I don’t need any professional help or pay to get advice.
  6. I don’t think my problem will get sorted out by just sharing and talking to someone.
  7. Everything is OK. If there is any problem, it is due to someone else, not me.
  8. Paying too much for just talking and sharing is not worth even if there is a cure to my problems.

“It’s good to share” is the philosophy with which ReachOutLife works and helps you in finding happiness to cope with difficulties and challenges in a positive way.

Who we are?

Dr. Juhi Sharma and her group of professionals are qualified, trained and experienced professionals in different areas of Psychotherapy and Counseling. Dr. Juhi Sharma has done advanced professional certifications from “Harvard Medical College” and has written and published various articles in regional and national newspapers. She is very active on FM radio programs in addressing questions on various issues and concerns related to Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Dr. Juhi Sharma firmly believes that every problem has a cure and solution. May be every problem cannot be cured but they can be managed in a better way. Lots of people go through different negative, painful and stressful experiences in their personal and professional life including unwanted behavioral issues with their children. These experiences if not addressed properly may lead to trauma, long term pain and even a breakdown situation. Sometime people take extreme actions to end their life thinking that it is the only solution to come out of all the mess. ReachOutLife is committed to work and address these areas. ReachOutLife, since inception in the year 2003 has taken up various works and assignments. Some of them are:

  • Published articles in National Daily like, TOI, HT, Amar Ujala, Dainik Bhaskar, and in local daily Hint and few other important magazines.
  • Conducted live shows on AIR FM, FM 90.4 and Aakashwani Medium Wave for awareness and problem solving.
  • Helped many clients to overcome their mental disorders and improve their relationships in both professional and personal life.
  • Created and conducted workshop on interpersonal skills and managing emotions for Nursing staff and faculty of Jamia Hamdard University.
  • Created and conducted programs on Stress Management at Rotary International Sahibabad, Inner wheel Club for adolescents and adults.
  • Resource Person for Assessment Centers at many multinational organizations for addressing cultural and behavioral
  • Conducted Training and Awareness programs for School Teachers on how to identify Child’s unwanted behavior, change in food habits, irritation, lack of energy, dullness and fear.
  • Helped in project on “Women’s Health Awareness Program” in Nainital, Uttarakhand.
  • Conducted global consulting, training & mentoring programs in employee assessment centers for Tolaram Group of Singapore, Glen Eagles Hospital, and Luba’s Wellness Center.
  • Part of study on drug abuse and behavior concomitants carried out on patients visiting Government Hospitals in Delhi and NCR.
  • Created and conducted stress management workshops for MNC’s like Wipro, HCL ibibo, Slideshare, BIPL and several other IT companies.
  • Worked on a Govt. project in understanding the positive impact of Psychotherapy and Counseling on cancer patients in Rajasthan.

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